Howard Hughes and Richard Nixon


Las Vegas gamblers tell stories about Howard Hughes. Mayor Goodman gives me a reading list of recommended books before Christmas. The third book recommended on the history of Las Vegas is a biography on Howard Hughes. Hughes controlled Las Vegas. He controlled Hollywood. Hughes was born in Houston, Texas, to a father influential in the oil industry. His relationship with Richard Nixon goes back to California. Nixon was always turning to Hughes for money. By 1968, Hughes made secret agreements with his friend, Nixon, for political cash to contribute on this way to Washington D.C. Howard Hughes had records in Las Vegas of his dealings with Richard Nixon so that Nixon could take advantage of Hughes’ wealth in oil to win the United States White House. These records played on Nixon’s fragile psychology. As a paranoid narcissist, Richard Nixon feared Howard Hughes involvement with his re-election ambitions and ordered the Watergate break in to gain access to documents Nixon believed were hidden in a secret bank vault controlled by the Democrats within Washington’s Watergate.


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