Nanotechnology and Atomic Force

Santa Barbara is the world leader in atomic force nanotechnology. I developed the first websites in various languages for the nanoscopes, tips, and this led to me producing the first animated polymers. Technicians left the company during lunch hours to surf on the beaches covered in oil. Our research with nanotechnology led to new ways to view petroleum in its crude form hence crude oil. The atomic force technicians were not only discovering the physical properties behind petroleum, their brains were discovering new ways to use nanotechnology to improve the process. Next door to our headquarters was Raytheon. Raytheon is the leader in military technology. Scientists used to joke about the missile defense system by insisting, “If North Korea poses a threat, we will launch our missiles from here.” By here the Raytheon technicians meant Southern California. Command of the missile systems, control of the intelligence services, all this innovation and more science were happening right next to my company as we educated in the international community in foreign languages along the Internet lines I was responsible for developing.


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