Ankara Oil Turkey

Breaking off the engagement to Royal Dutch Shell’s girl, I met and married a Turkish beauty born in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. My sister in law works for Turkish Petroleum, one of the world’s largest oil producers with a monopoly since 1925. META stands of Middle East Turkey and Africa. The name takes the shape of the best university in Ankara, Turkey nicknamed METU for Middle East Technical University where I have been asked to teach since touring Turkey in the early nineties. All the tech companies are headed to Istanbul, Turkey. Ankara’s seat of government has made the nation a major powerhouse in the entire region. Students in Syria, Libya, and Egypt stand in line for scholarships to Turkey’s colleges. My wife earned her degree in Economics from Bursa, the heart of Marco Polo’s Silk Road as the trade route entered into Europe from China. Alexander the Great stayed in Bursa during her campaigns east of the Persian landmass. Jesus’ mother Mary retired in nearby Ephesus. The Council of Nicea decided on the books contained in the Bible at the seat of the then Roman Empire in the heart of Bursa.


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