Merkel, Sarkozy, Buffet

Republicans find themselves without a clear leader after Herman Cain drops out of the race for the GOP race. Russia’s Putin tries to claim the throne in the former Soviet Union. Shell Oil signed a $6.4 billion dollar deal with Qatar Petroleum. German’s learn to hate their chancellor Angela Merkel before winter. Nicolas Sarkozy suffers from an election backlash as French voters disapprove of his administration. Radioactive leaks resurface from Japan’s nuclear disaster. Apple loses Steve Jobs. Microsoft is late in delivering a tablet. Facebook screams Initial Public Offering announcement in early 2012. Las Vegas, Nevada prepares to the tech industries Consumer Electronics Show, the largest computer convention in worldwide. Warren Buffet buys billions by trading stocks in an opportunity for investors to grow with IBM computers. Amazon encourages readers to buy online with the release of the Kindle Fire. HP stocks slide after HP hires Meg Whitman, the failed contender for the governor’s race in Sacramento, California.


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