Petroleum Prime Ministers

The Prime Minister of Italy is forced to quit along with the Prime Minister of Greece. Italy’s new minister Mario Monti unveils radical austerity measures. Greece’s voters refuse to follow the austerity measures put in place on property taxes, energy cost increasing and budgeting promised to end the dept crisis involving the Euro. Value of the Euro sinks. Syria bans the use of iPhones. Syria’s rulers are asked to leave office by allies, former friends, and neighboring countries. Syria ignores the Arab League. Russia sends warships to Syria. Iran threatens to blow up Israel with a nuclear weapon. Israel prepares to bomb Iran after infecting Iran’s nuclear facilities with a destructive computer virus known as Stuxnet. New viruses attack the Iranian systems networks known as Duqu. U.S. troops prepare to leave Iraq. Pakistan suspends work with the United States by cutting off supply lines to Afghanistan after Navy Seals kill Osama Bin Laden. China reconstructs helicopters used in the Bin Laden operation.


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