1990 Kuwait and Saddam Hussein

August 1, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Iraq leader Saddam Hussein attacked when his experts caught Kuwait stealing Iraqi oil through a technique known as drainage. The United States and Kuwait used their drilling technology to dig horizontally under the surface of Iraqi land into the vast pools of petroleum under the surface with trillions of dollars’ worth of petroleum. Flights from Kuwait to Cairo took three hours. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak assured their safe passage. Still many of the oil barons escaped to Egypt telling me in my interviews, “George Bush told us to come here. It’s hard to hit a moving target. Bush will tell us when it’s safe to come back. Let him fight his war.” For safety, the Kuwaiti families sailed up and down the currents of the Nile River with me as I interviewed them with a cassette tape recorder half the size of a shoe box. Our ship was always moving. Very quiet. Never stopping. Even the trash was dumped overboard. No stopping for a landfill.


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