CIA and Ambassadors

After meetings between our Ambassadors in the United States and Australia in Hawaii, Ambassador Lane’s people insisted I learn a language so I was sent to Nice, France for summer school, where officers from the CIA send their children each summer. The rich all go to school together. Luck fell upon me twice, because I had no money, but the Lanes helped pay for my schooling as well as Eurail Pass so that I could travel from one city to the other in Europe. Second, the Dean of French at San Francisco State University lived in Nice each summer. He wanted me to go to school where he was living in case I needed help. Saudi princes, Saudi business leaders, and CIA officials sent their children to my school in Nice. The parents often visited their children in the city next door, which was Monte Carlo. The next year, they sent me to New York City for the Summer of 1989. I will never forget, because I had been promised a return trip to Paris for the 200 Anniversary of Bastille Day.


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