Egypt’s Blessed One

Hosni Mubarak was defeated during a revolution many scholars nicknamed the Arab Spring. After experiencing his powerful influence throughout the Middle East, especially the country he ruled Egypt, I was shocked. Hosni Mubarak and his family had absolute, unquestioning power in Egypt, especially Cairo. Mubarak in Egyptian means Blessed One. Barak in Hebrew means to kneel as in kneel to receive a blessing. The Romans spoke Latin. In Latin, Barack is spelled Benedict as in Blessed. Whereas Bene is the term associated with Good. Benedict means well spoken, blessed in Latin. The point to my paragraph is that from eye witness account, Hosni Mubarak was treated as if he were the Blessed Leader of Egypt. Not simply a democratically elected leader as a voter might elect to office in the West. President Barack Obama’s name comes from the same prefix. Replace the MU from Mubarack and the meaning is spelled Barack. Barack is a name used by Jews as well as Arabs.


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