Las Vegas Information Networking

Las Vegas has the world’s most important source of petroleum. Information! Information on oil is abundant. The negotiators meet me for breakfast on Saturday morning to answer my questions before flying back to Colorado. Drillers from Montana earn money only to fly into Las Vegas on Friday night to spend the money they have earned. As the oil experts talk about employment, acquisitions, and corporations investing in research, they gamble at the poker tables. Sunday night runs to the airport, I ask them questions. Early Monday morning runs to the airport, I ask them more questions. Executives managing transactions at the swimming pool parties call me to say, “Thomas, you write books on oil, right? You won’t believe who just rented our beach club for the weekend. The entire swimming pool full of girls has been rented out to a corporation in the oil industry. Who do you want to meet? What do you want to ask them?” Girls I know in town serve whiskey, margaritas, and while shooting billiard at tables in the hall, the industry executives answer my questions. Many of the oil executives from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Dubai are invested in Las Vegas resorts like CityCenter. CityCenter is a walk from house down Harmon Avenue.


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