Reagan, Hussein, Rumsfield

Ronald Reagan made a pact with Saddam Hussein in December 1983. Donald Rumsfield met with Hussein. Rumsfield wanted to become President of the U.S. instead of George Bush, so he went to meet with Hussein. At the same time, Reagan helped supply arms to Iran and Afghanistan so that Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan could kill each other for U.S. interests in oil while bankrupting Russia as they supplied invasions into Afghanistan and dealt with instability throughout their satellite countries in Central Europe. After graduating from college, I was sent to the center of the area, Prague, which was then in Czechoslovakia. Within four months, I was in the center of the war in Yugoslavia, Christmas in Istanbul, where I watched Muslim refugees die while trying to escape the wars in the Middle East. Days later, I arrived to riots December 31, 1992 in the center of Prague’s square. The fights became violent as the country split into two that New Year’s Day January 1, 1993 into Czech Republic and Slovakia. Slovakia’s currency started to drop immediately. For weeks, I interviewed prominent Turks working with the oil investors in Germany and Austria.


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