Elephants, Camels, Nile River


Las Vegas, last week, the boy belonging to our corporate attorney bragged for over an hour to my son, “I was in a limo. Have you been in a limo? Limos are large inside. So, what do you mean you have never been in a limo?” I felt sorry for my son. He was baffled, being played with, and confused because he had no knowledge of what a limo was.” I asked the pest teasing my eight year old son, “Have you been on a camel? Do you know what a camel is?” The legal assistant sounded surprised. Suddenly surprise turned to sarcasm, “You have never ridden on a camel? How about sail on the Nile River in Egypt?” Egypt, Nile River, Memphis, Luxor, those are the luxuries of living as a photojournalist. The ride to the Great Pyramids is customary on a camel at the base of the pyramids. Egypt’s government doesn’t want trucks, cars and vehicles close to the artifacts. When you travel the world, the word travel means different modes of transportation in different culture with various languages. The Mexicans and Dominicans outside of my apartment in Harlem, New York City, had vicious arguments over the Spanish terms to describe taxis, cabs, this pronunciation and spelling was important to who controlled the neighborhood with language.


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