Global Gas Oil Jobs


Global Gas Oil Jobs: Oil Careers in the United States Petroleum Industry

Written by Chase Leo
Published by Thomas Chee

Chase Leo examines the new technology allowing for the discoveries of petroleum oil fields in North Dakota, Texas, and Colorado. American oil is going global as petroleum producers search for confidence, stability and certainty. The United States of America is becoming energy independent. Nations are hit with weak administrations that don’t inspire investors, especially when oil investors face uncertain times in global financial markets. Investors invest in confident markets. Stability is out pacing risk. New technologies in America are educating the best petroleum engineers in colleges like the Colorado School of Mines.


Chase Leo is the author of industry information books such as OilUSA.Co, Colorado Oil Gas Shale Jobs, and Oil USA Gas Tax. Chase Leo has written numerous articles on oil, encourages petroleum engineers to migrate to Colorado. Leo welcomes visitors, writes books, and gives tours to international executives, teaching them English. Chase Leo travels overseas to encourage investors in Europe and Asia to invest in Colorado. In his books on Colorado, Leo writes about traveling with an interest in Colorado oil, gas and shale.

Global Gas Oil Jobs


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