Iraq Petroleum Company

September 1960, Iraq’s Prime Minister Qasim demanded more money from the American owned oil corporation Iraq Petroleum Company. Qasim planned on invading American based oil corporations in Kuwait. Saddam Hussein led the assassination of Qasim. The United States CIA used Saddam to murder Iraq’s Prime Minister Qasim in 1963. No one at Lane Publishing wanted to go near Iraq, let alone the Middle East. “I have daughters!” I heard representatives argue. “I have a family!” Journalists argued with Ambassador Lane. No one wanted to get on an airplane. I was adventurous, dumb, but a writer willing to fly free to the center of the battle, so at 23 years old, the publishing company sent me with a tape recorder. Not even a camera. I had to carry a low profile. Paper journals and pens never escaped my bag. With long, hippie looking curly hair wearing dirty denim blue jeans, my goal to write while blending in to the streets of Cairo where no one else wanted to venture.


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