Nevada Oil Fracking

A few years after buying a house in Las Vegas, the news announced the discovery of oil fields in Nevada. If Nevada was a country, it would be the world’s eighth leading country when it comes to mining. Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War thanks to the silver money earned from the Comstock Lode in Virginia City. My mother studied mining in Nevada in the Eighties. She wrote papers about her research. In fact, Summer 2015, she went back to Virginia City to stay inside the hotels tourists celebrate history. Sleeping in the hotels gives the researcher a feel for what it was like when the gold towns made their fortune. City Hall meetings in Las Vegas occasionally have debates where people are reacting to mining where they talk about the changes to the industrialized world due to the chemicals mined form the ground. The mining lifestyle supported the gold mining towns that brought in gambling, legal prostitution and ignored the nation’s prohibition against serving liquor.


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