Petroleum Oil International Gas Pipelines


Petroleum Oil International Gas Pipelines: Oil Turkish Middle East U.S. Relations

Written by Thomas Chi

The Roman Empire built by Roman Emperor Constantine changed the landscape of the globe. Known by the Latin phrase Nova Roma, Constantiople founded the Byzantine philosophy that “All roads lead to Rome.” Trade routes from China, spice and silk roads traveled by Asian caravans, a resting place for Mary, Paul, and John, as well as a marriage chapel for Caesar and Cleopatra; All roads lead to Istanbul; Europe, Africa, Russia, all the trade roads by air, land and sea gather at the financial center of the planet. The Fall of Rome in 1453 led to the bridge of the what is now the Middle East, the retired Ottoman Empire overthrown by Ataturk, Father of the Turks, during the Turkish War of Independence established at the Sivas Congress. I have been traveling to Turkish cities around Anatolia by bus, airplane, ferry, and car for financial business since 1992 when I first traveled through war torn Yugoslavia as Red Cross vehicles exploded outside my window for three days by bus from Prague, Czechoslovakia to Istanbul, Turkey. The day I returned to Prague, protests took place downtown as Czechoslovakia had been split into two new countries, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. 2012 Byzantium is reborn as planetary superpower with room to negotiate diplomatic deals over the production of petroleum as oil is traded throughout the planet. Turkey holds claim to the wealthiest cities in the region with diplomats controlling the flow of oil, petroleum production and pipelines to feed other countries fuel for manufacturing, industry and the distribution of liquid gold. Byzantium reborn in Istanbul adds to Ankara’s influence as Turkey once again becomes the bridge where all roads gather to join the Mediterranean countries to nations along the Black Sea. The Golden Horn of the Bosphorus is now joined by air travel, ports for jet planes as well as military bases to protect the region.

Petroleum Oil International Gas Pipelines


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